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Welcome to the OKC EYE BLOG!

Mar 26

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3/26/2011 6:47 AM  RssIcon

Welcome to the OKC EYE BLOG, the primary eye care blog of Jay C Johnston M.D., and Carter Johnston O.D. This blog will include important information regarding all aspects of eye care, preventative eye health, new technologies, nutrition, contact lenses, spectacle lenses and whatever else we come across that we think will benefit you, the patient. So much is changing in eye care, this is exciting. New technologies are emerging in refractive surgery, intraocular lenses and cataract surgery, dry eye treatment, contact lenses and spectacle lenses. Our understanding of many ocular disease processes are changing as are how many eye diseases are treated. We answer many questions about eyes every day, if you have a question feel free to email us and we'll post it and try our best to answer it.

If you have a topic you would like us to write or comment on, please let us know.

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Welcome to the OKC EYE BLOG!
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