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Spring/Summer Eye Protection

Mar 26

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3/26/2011 6:46 AM  RssIcon

As Spring and Summer are upon us, everyone is engaging in more outdoor activities. This is the time to remind everyone about how important eye protection is when engaging in recreational outdoor activities as well as work activities, after all, we only get one set of eyes. If the eye is severely damaged we cannot replace it, unlike other prosthetic arms and legs which are functional prosthetic devices.

We encourage you to be proactive and wear protective eyewear for all yard work. Ocular foreign bodies are very common when mowing , weed eating or trimming. High velocity projectiles can penetrate the eye and cause severe and permanent damage. Safety goggles or glasses can be a sight-saving accessory, and can be purchased for as little as ten dollars from some of the big box stores.

Safety glasses, or sunglasses should be worn for outdoor activities like cycling, and running. Along with UV protection, they provide protection from air born bugs, debris from the road, and wind blown debris.

Several times a year we see a bicyclist who was riding around Lake Hefner and comes in the next morning with a painful, red eye from a bug that flew into their eye while riding. When asked if sunglasses were being worn, it seems like the answer is always no. Protective eyewear is usually less expensive then an insurance co-pay, office visit, and prescription eye drops.

Please wear protective eyewear this spring and summer.  After all, you only get one set of eyes.

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Spring/Summer Eye Protection