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Patient Testimonials


Thanks to you , Dr. Johnston, I can see like an eagle. I can see street signs, I can see the stars, I can see everything.  Cataract surgery is the  best thing I have done in years, and it was so easy.  Thank you for making it such a comfortable, relaxed, no-stress procedure.  Many of my friends have asked me about the surgery and I tell tem "there's nothing to it....all you need is Dr. Johnston!"  I have been coming to your office for years and I just want to thank Susan J. and all of your staff for being so nice and friendly, helpful and caring.  I also appreciate the way you schedule your patients so that everything runs on time and there is very little waiting!  Again, thank you Dr Johnston for  "giving me my eyes back".

Sue C, Oklahoma City

I first started wearing glasses when I turned 40 years old. At that time, I just needed them for reading but quickly progressed to the point that I had to wear them full time for distance and close work.  When Iwas diagnosed with cataracts, Dr Johnston informed me of an option for intraocular lenses that could totally eliminate the need for wearing glasses.  The lenses, Restor, were well worth the additional cost as I have had them for over 5 years and my vision is like I was 30 again.  They have more then paid for themselves as it has saved on the expense of prescription glasses which every time I changed cost me over 1000.00.  I would highly recommend this option to anyone who has to have cataract surgery. 

Eileen, OKC

" I have worn glasses all my life. I was so tired of keeping up with glasses and contacts. I made the decision to have laser eye surgery and have never regretted it. The procedure was quick and results were instant. Having clear vision has changed my life. Its the little things like seeing the alarm clock at night and going swimming without my contacts. I would do it again without hestitation and recommend it to all my friends." 

Chanena - Oklahoma City

"I love my eye sight since I've had laser eye surgery. I would definitely do it again. It improved my sight tremendously. I love not having to worry about wearing contacts or glasses. I would recommend it to anyone."

Rosa - Oklahoma City

"I couldn't be happier with the results. I cannot imagine going back to life with contact lenses."

Andrea - Oklahoma City

Being informed that I needed cataract surgery on both eyes was very threatening to me. Suddenly, I was confronted with a procedure that sounded "really scary" - "eye surgery".

However; I was amazed and delighted to find that Dr. Jay Johnston and his wonderful staff had already thought of everything. They took over and guided me through the process. It was entirely "hassle free". There was really no pain and very minimal recovery. Best of all---now I can really SEE!

My vision is a wonderful gift and I am very grateful.
Betty - Oklahoma City

I have worn glasses since 3rd grade and always have been extremely near sighted. As this past year has gone by I discovered that I needed cataract surgery in both eyes. When I went in for my exam, the procedure was explained very professionally and meticulous to every detail of the procedure. The cataract surgeries were done a week apart and the procedure was very painless and comfortable. I was able to go out to breakfast afterward and enjoyed a day in the recliner resting comfortably.

Dr. Johnston came in before the surgery and took the time to explain every detail including what would be done before, during and after. This is rare these days that a physician takes the time to make sure the patient understands about any surgery. Both Dr. Johnston?s have a fantastic staff who makes you feel warm and welcomed with every visit . Both physicians make sure you are treated as family and that your visit outcome is a good one.

As being a very busy professional woman, not having to wait more than 5 minutes for a office visit has been a plus for me. When I returned for my final visit, I am now able to see 20/20 and can pass my drivers license with the vision I am now experiencing after cataract surgery. Without glasses now, I have received many compliments on my eyes and that I look younger without such thick glasses. That was a plus I was not expecting!

What a wonderful experience this has been and I could not have asked for a better medical practice to go on this journey with! Thank you all very much for making this experience such a pleasant one.
Sherri - Oklahoma City

My cataract surgery was performed several years ago. The procedure went perfectly, and the results were spectacular! I am able to see without glasses for the first time since I was seven years old. I am always so excited for my friends when I learn that they have cataracts. Cataract surgery is an opportunity that changes lives for the better. I'm so grateful to Dr. Jay Johnston. 

CK – Oklahoma City

My name is Jacque Massad and I have been a longtime patient of Dr. Jay Johnston. In September of 2010, after a bit of hesitation, yet at the urging of Dr. Johnston, I had cataract surgery in both eyes. The surgeries were performed a week apart and my experience was wonderful. 

Dr. Johnston was very thorough in his care, both pre and post op. He explained everything he was going to do and what I would experience in great detail and made sure that I understood and was comfortable with everything prior to and after the surgeries. Of course I knew that I was in good hands. My recuperation went well and just as he explained and my vision is distinctively improved.
I have told several friends and family members about the wonderful care I received from Dr. Johnston and have recommended him to many for this surgery and for just general eye care.

One thing I always tell others and that I particularly like about Dr. Johnston is his wonderful bedside manner. He is cordial and treats me like a friend, not just a patient.

I have a tremendous amount of trust and confidence in Dr. Johnston and am always pleased and comfortable with the time and care he provides.
Jacque Massad - Oklahoma City




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